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Mac Daddy

Click below to play MP3 audio clips or use the streaming audio player for the Mac Daddy's world class trucker abuse:

Not Your Channel

A Challenge

Breaker 19 Song

"7-0-deuce Mac Daddy rock-n-roll hooch-e-coo rockin' the mic for you, you and you.  I got the wattage in the cottage and my finger on the golden D-104 microphone.  Truckers beware!  They come through 50 states for my abuse.  We are now nationwide and the Mac Daddy Mafia is only getting bigger and stronger.  I am the microphone fiend, more antagonistic than a trucker's third ex-wife on krank!  You want abuse?  Key up for The Mac Daddy, Reno Nevada and well beyond.  CB celebrity superstars!"

Send me your CB audio clips or photos to:

PO. Box 20404
     Reno, NV 89515-0404



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