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Jibby Jabba

Well I'ze Jibby, and I lives in the dumpster at the truck stop.  There I find many ingredients fo' my gourmet trucka cuisine.  What I don't find there I can usually borrow as I push my cookin' cart from truck to truck.  I means, just last night y'all gave me a 1/2 can of Coors Light, some beef jerky, Rolaids, and Preparation H.  Y'all truckers help me complete my culinary creations!  So if you hear ol' Jibby key up on the CB, just look below your truck cab and drop your contribution into my cookin' pot.  Then hand me your thermos and I'm gonna scoop you up some Jibby Delight! 

Click on a to play  Jibby's Daily Specials or be a "player" and use the player:

 Jibby and the Brother

Packing Peanut Pasta

Trucker Stu

Today's Menu:

Packing Peanut Pasta w/Garbage Juice Sauce

Jibby's Delight     Trucka Stu     

Diesel Soufflé   Ashtray Soup

Hemorrhoids 'n' Grits    Beef Jerky Jerk 

And For Dessert... Triple Bypass Dumpster Milkshake!




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