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CB Celebrity Superstars

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Red Dog

Drunken Duane


Dr. Floyd

Lightbulb "Gimme-a-Beer"

Santa Barbara Bill

Hollywood Kieth


The NastyBoys Syndicate

Road Runner (Chickety Chick)

 The Cold Springs, NV Iron Triangle: 

 Super K-Man, CC Rider, Little Keno and 

The (freakin') Hippy

The Fernley Connection:
"1-9 is all mine all the time"

The Mangy Moose

Spike (The New and Improved "86")


Tennessee Jed

Trucker Elvis

Roscoe P. Coltrain

Four By Four

Triple Three

Dick Black (Mama's Boy)

The Blues Man

Burly McCoy


Krotch Rocket

Angry Inch

Powder Pilot


Low Rider

Freddie Fudpucker





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