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Toy Boy Speaks!

Perhaps the shyest of CB antogonizers, Toy Boy is also one of the most active.  Using not his own voice but those of over 1000 stuffed animal toys, he strings together clever insults that enrage truckers who are anxious to know his true identity.

Last year there arose a rumor of a conflict between Toy Boy and Kranky The Klown.  It is widely believed that Kranky robbed the Boy's trailer park home and replaced each of the toys with an exact replica, though changing their electronic voices to that of his own.  Rumor also has it that Toy Boy is currently plotting revenge.

Click below on Toy Boy's compositions and play them over your CB today!

String of Insults
"You are a sleeper sissy truck trash powder pilot anal gear shift warmer butt brush... now get out of my town".

Gassy Giant
"He drove through the ass. The great red spot is so big.  Your anus is gassy, greenish blue, a gassy giant through and through.  I'm feeling gassy.  Yee haw, cowboy! (slurp, gush) Hee hee hee, that tickles".

Not the Trucker Channel
"Fuck you, truck driver.  This is not the trucker channel".

I'll get you Kranky!
"I'll will get you, Kranky the Klown.  Because you changed my talkie-toys I will burn down your meth lab".


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