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Georgie Boy


I'm thrilled to announce my exciting new fragrance collection including the popular...

Anal Perfume for Truckers

Essence of Port-A-Potty

After Oral After Shave

Chinese Basket Trucker

San Francisco Bath House Splash

Trucker Fan Male...

Dear Georgie Boy:

  What a nice time I had at your penthouse last night. I always thot that women were best. Now I know difrent. You reely took your time and thats great. I hope everything comes out of your silk sheets in the warsh. I shoud send you flowers or somthing. i will key up for you next time i make the haul thru reno again. pleese dont forget me.

  Yours truely, Texas Jack.

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Key up for Georgie Boy

I know all the stars

Soiled pajamas

Tally Ho!  It's me, Georgie Boy!  What's an old queen like me doing on a website like this, you might ask?  I'm just lounging about the penthouse in my silk robe, sipping something sweet from a snifter, and awaiting this evening's guest... a trucker!

You see, they get so lonely on the road.  One can't help but... feel for them.. oohhah!  A little friendly conversation from my handy base station and here they come, right up old Georgie Boy's elevator shaft!

In my golden years I was much wilder. Now I long for the simplicity and pleasant company of a young trucker, weary from a long haul.  Don't despair, driver.  Georgie's entertaining tonight!

Key up for Georgie Boy!

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