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APR News Broadcast November 14, 2003

   Announcer    This is Gregory Eldoff, American Public Radio in Reno, Nevada.  Something has returned to this smaller gambling town.  An old technology that brings with it, some new problems.

                       Made popular in the 1970’s, citizens band radios, or, ‘CB’S’ have been used by truck drivers for communication and to stave off the loneliness that often comes with the ‘long haul’.

   SFX              Truckers on CB, road noise, audio squelch

   Announcer    As they approach the freeway crossroads of Reno, however, truckers now get ready to endure a barrage of abuse and unwelcome solicitations.

   Mac Daddy   Hey, truck driver.  Get out of my town you worthless mound of inbred truck trash!

   Cranky          My name’s Cranky… Cranky The Clown. Say, truck driver, are you getting sleeeepy?  Cranky wants to give you some f****g energy!

   Announcer    From meth-amphetamine drugs to prostitution,   truckers find it difficult to communicate when their designated channel 19 is crowded with Reno locals they call “CB antagonizers”, some of whom pose as truckers themselves.

   Chuck           (Heavy breathing) This is trucker Chuck.  I been hauling livestock, especially piggies with the curly little tails  (Squeal).

   Announcer    We caught up with the self-titled “Trucker Chuck” at his singlewide manufactured home in one of the city’s many trailer parks.

   SFX              Base station background noise

   Announcer    Why did you become a CB antagonizer?

  Chuck            I likes piggies.

   Announcer    Many truckers insist that your broadcasting is an abuse of the public airwaves, and CB radio is being called the ‘welfare internet’.  Isn’t what you do much like e-mail spam?

   Chuck           I never done heard of the innernut. But I like spam with my coffee (heavy breathing).  It’s made from piggies!

   Announcer     Let’s listen in to one of Trucker Chuck’s broadcasts.

  Chuck            I got me a little piggie with a curly little tail named Gertrude.  I let her sit up in the cab with me.  Any of  you truckers want to pay me five dollars you can have your way with any of my piggies... make 'um squeal!  But not my Gertrude, she's special.

  Announcer    Fines as high as ten thousand dollars threatened by the Federal Communications Commission do not seam to deter the use of illegal signal boosting amplifiers and fowl language.

   Cranky          My name’s Cranky, Cranky The Clown.  Hey trucker, let’s pack your beak with some f****g prison powder you f**k.  I’m gonna give you some m****r f*****g energy for your long f****g haul.  My name’s Cranky…

   SFX               3 seconds dead air.

   Cranky           …Cranky the Clown.

  Announcer    During the winter months, truckers must often pull over to chain-up before ascending the icy and treacherous Donner Pass on Interstate 80 just east of Reno.

  Reverend     The same chains that did once bind my people… are now being wrapped around your wheels truck driver…

   Announcer    Some antagonizers have even reached a limited celebrity status with regular CB radio shows and original songs that lock up the trucker channel 19 for long periods.  The FCC could not be reached for comment, though many truckers have begun to complain that a crack down is necessary.  Lack of funding is often the excuse given.  This is Gregory Eldoff, American Public Radio in Reno, Nevada.



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