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Trucker Chuck

Trucker Chuck prefers hauling livestock, especially piggies with the pink, wet noses.  Click below to hear him sing the piggie praises:

Meet Trucker Chuck

Piggie Rentals

My Gertrude

"My name's Trucker Chuck from Texarkana, Texas.  There's no better sound than driving down a bumpy highway with my piggies squeeling in the back of my trailer.  Now there's one special piggie that rides up front with me.  Her name is Gertrudc.  I put high heel pumps on her, a golden nose ring, and I parade her painted beauty at the truck stop.  Only she's not for sale, she's with me.  Now the rest of yonder piggies in the back trailer, I rent them out to other truckers.  Five dollars'll make you hauler or for $10 you can have your pick of the litter from my sweet piggie line-up and spend the night there.  Now that's livin'!  Key up for Trucker Chuck, "The Pig Man"... Squeeeeeeeeel!"






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